Dr Ifeoma Monye


Dr Ifeoma Monye is a Specialist in Family and Lifestyle Medicine and is a certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician having passed the proficiency and specialisation exam organised by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine in conjunction with the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. A Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners, she enjoys her clinical practice, working in the UK and Nigeria.

Dr Monye is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (since 2009), a European Lifestyle Medicine Organisation Ambassador (Nigeria, Africa since 2014), and a Founding member and Regional Director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (since 2017).

From very early on in her career, she realised that the appreciation of the connection between the body, mind, lifestyle, the environment we live in, our social connections, all play a critical role in our state of health and wellbeing, enabling us to live our best life. This has underpinned her passion and practice of Family and Lifestyle Medicine for several years now. She has spent the last decade and half, providing Leadership in Nigeria in the field of Family Medicine as well as Lifestyle Medicine. She established the Department of Family Medicine in Abuja, Nigeria, a centre for the Post Graduate training of doctors.
Following her training at the Joslin Diabetic Centre and Harvard Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, the Health and Wellness Coaching with WellCoaches USA and training with the highly rated ‘Women Transforming Leadership’ course at the SAID Business School ,University of Oxford, in 2014.

She founded the first Centre For Lifestyle Medicine in Africa: The Brookfield Centre For lifestyle Medicine, Abuja, Nigeria, an organisation that is dedicated to working in strong collaboration with experts and institutions, to make Lifestyle Medicine a house hold name in Nigeria, through creation of awareness of Lifestyle Medicine, Clinical practice, Research, Advocacy, provision of Education to both healthcare providers and the public, inspiring and educating children in schools to live healthier lives. She has since completed a targeted training in Leadership and Management in Health with the University of Washington, Department of Global health E-Learning. She is the Publisher of the Lifestyle Medicine magazine, “Lifestyle Choices”, and the Founding President of the Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria. She is currently leading the drive to establish the Africa Lifestyle Medicine Association, ALMA, an organisation that will pioneer the spread of Lifestyle Medicine all across the continent of Africa, as it partners with the rest of global associations.

Most recently, she participated in reviewing the curriculum of the world’s first free, accredited , post graduate certification in Lifestyle Medicine: an online Lifestyle Medicine course for Primary Care Physicians created by Dr Lilach Malatskey and available in the NextGen U higher education portal. Dr Monye has Co-Authored a Paper in Developing Lifestyle Medicine Education in Africa, presented at the CUGH- Washington, DC.
Dr Monye is a strong advocate of living the life we preach and living our best lives yet, while helping others live their best lives too.

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