Dr Adewole Babatunde

Media secretary/Executive Director

Dr Adewole Babatunde is a Family Physician with special interest in Lifestyle Medicine. He is a Member of the West African College of Physicians, Faculty of Family Medicine. 

His interest in the principles of Lifestyle Medicine dates back to his childhood interest in the role nutrition, exercise, sleep and hygiene in health and well-being. He pursued his undergraduate medical training at the University of Ilorin with a desire to be able to lend a voice to healthy living and practice. His residency training in Family Medicine was borne out of a desire to be at the frontline of healthcare provision, thereby advocating healthy lifestyles and various levels of prevention. It was during his residency that he first heard the word Lifestyle Medicine which he felt perfectly described his life-long dream. He currently works at the Brookfield Centre For Lifestyle Medicine, Abuja

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